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203.7 million SIM-cards, registered in Russia

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In September, 2009, the number of SIM-cards, registered in Russia, has grown up to 203.7 million. Mobile penetration in Russia in a whole has reached 143.4 %, and in Moscow license zone – 187.4%.
For the recent 12 months, the aggregate subscriber base of all Russian operators has grown by 24.8 million (or 13.9%). As of September 30, 2009, MTS took the first place on this indicator on all-Russia scale (its gain was 6.8 million SIM-cards), Megafone took the second place (6.7 million), and Vympelcom – the third (5.9 million). Tele2 (7.4%) and Megafone (6.0%) demonstrate the highest rates of a gain of subscribers within 3 months. 


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