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50% Money Transfers to Georgia are Sent from Russia

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National Bank of Georgia (NBG) reports that volume of money transfers from Russia to Georgian commercial banks exceeded 50% of the total received sum in Q1, 2009.

From January to March, 2009, USD164.2 million was transferred to Georgia from abroad via money transfer systems. This sum is USD40 million (19,6%) less compared with 2008.

In Q1, 2009, 52.5% money transfers were made from the Russian Federation (USD86.2 million), 8.95% – from USA (USD14.7 million), 7.6% – from Ukraine (USD12.4 million).

Volume of money transfers from Georgia to other countries amounted to USD17.7 million in Q1, 2009, and reduced by USD2.2 million in comparison with 2008


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