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A pioneer Islamic bank to open In Chechnya

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"Mazcorp executives, Hilal Suhail Hilal Rashid Al Mazrouei and Wael Saab came from the United Arab Emirates. We discussed opening an Islamic bank in Grozny. Earlier, the issue was given a proper consideration. At this meeting, we agreed to go ahead with the project," - wrote Kadyrov in Instagram.

He stressed that the opening of the bank is of paramount importance for the Republic. Large-scale construction projects financed from UAE investors are underway in Chechnya.

"The only obstacle is the lack of Islamic banks, - says Kadyrov. The head of the region didn’t disclosed the time of the project commencement. During the meeting with the top management of Mazkorp a decision was also made to share interest in the construction of Magnus Grozny, a pharmaceutical cluster, which will begin next year, and to invest the construction of a multifunctional high-rise complex, Achmat Tower, which is being built in the Chechen capital.

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