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All economically active Russians are card users

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July, 17-20, 2009 analytical centre of Yury Levada (Levada Center) conducted а representative poll “Have you a bank card? Are you going to get it, if you haven’t had it yet?” This poll has covered 1,600 Russian respondents from 128 places of 46 regions of the country.
Just only 38% of respondents said, that they had cards. But 51% of respondents said, that “they hadn’t any cards and weren’t going to get it” Dynamics of these polls conducted since 2001, shows that the first indicator is continuously growing, and the second is decreasing. For comparison – in 2001 only 5 % of respondents had cards, and 88% of them were not going to get any cards. It should be noted that a share of economically active population in the country is about 40%.

Levada Center

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