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Association of Azerbaijani Banks Sets up Cards Promotion Workgroup

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The executive director of the Association of Banks of Azerbaijan (ABA), Farkhad Aliyev, says that at the recent session the ABA Presidium made a decision to establish a workgroup under the expert group on payment systems & card circulation. The newly-established workgroup will prepare a project of measures aimed at promoting use of cards by the population.

“The group composes representatives of the banks which are active at the cards market – International Bank of Azerbaijan, Kapital Bank, Bank of Baku an others. Currently the group has only a primary project of proposals,” Mr. Aliyev said.

Earlier the expert group prepared systematized suggestions submitted by banks. Banks showed substantial interest and submitted a great deal of proposals. Creation of the group is linked with an interest displayed to this direction by banks and governmental agencies.

The ABA group on legal affairs put a start to system of Association’s expert groups. Following its activity the ABA Presidium approved the draft amendments to the Law on Housing Mortgage. The amendment document was drafted with active participation of the International Bank of Azerbaijan, Texnikabank, Bank Respublika, Bank Standard and others.

In ABA plans are also creation of groups on marketing and PR.


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