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ATM Sites will Become Wi-Fi Hotspots

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Cashbox is enabling all of its ATM sites to become Wi-Fi hotspots, in a move that will allow users to surf, work, game or make cheaper VoIP calls with any wireless-enabled device using British Telecom Openzone.

As a result of a new five-year deal between Cashbox and BT, the high speed wireless broadband service will initially be available in 10 of Cashbox's client locations, of which there are more than 2,500 across the UK, including Tiger Tiger sites in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Cardiff, and Digress, The Wall, Agenda, Abacus, Livery and Alibi bar restaurants in the City of London.

Chris Bruce, general manager, BT Openzone, said: "We are seeing huge demand for Wi-Fi in the leisure and hospitality sector. BT customers can also connect at over 190,000 residential and commercial hotspots in the UK and Ireland including BAA airports, BA lounges, Caffe Nero, Hilton, Thistle and Ramada Jarvis hotels and, from July 2009, Starbucks coffee stores." 


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