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AVTOVAZBANK reduces debt burden on credit cards for AvtoVAZ workers

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On August, 7, 2009,  AvtoVAZ trade union has turned to banks with a request to be more indulgent to insolvent borrowers – workers of the plant, because of their salary axing. Currently, about 110,000 people work on the plant. 11 banks, working in the region, have got such requests. AVTOVAZBANK have made a decision to reduce debt burden on borrowers, who work on AvtoVAZ. On August, 7, 2009, the executive council of the Bank approved the plan of measures for social supporting of Tolyatti inhabitants, working on the plant. It includes decreasing monthly debt burden on borrowers – credit cardholders, and keeping overdrafts on salary cards.
The debt of AvtoVAZ workers on credit cards totals 53.8 million roubles.


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