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Azerbaijan: Growth of Plastic Cards Turnover by 64.2%

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Last year growth of turnover of plastic cards issued by Azerbaijani banks amounted to 64.2%. The National Bank (NB) of Azerbaijan has reported that in 2008 total sales volume of POS-terminals transactions reached AZN319 million (USD395 million) with overall plastic cards turnover of AZN4.274 billion (USD5.2 billion). Last year it was conducted only 929,000 card transactions at POS-terminals with the total number of 40.111 million operations.

Simultaneously it was carried out 791,000 non-cash operations for AZN201 million (USD249 million) through debit cards (the total number of transactions with such cards made 38.448 million operations for AZN 3.801 million (USD4.7 million)) and 138,000 transactions for AZN118 million (USD146 million) through credit cards versus the total number of 1.663 million operations for AZN473 million (USD586 million). The country has been installed 1,515 ATMs and 8,124 POS-terminals. There were 3.626 million active cards issued by domestic banks in 2008.


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