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AZIPS Turnover Topped USD7.4 Billion

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Turnover of Azerbaijan Interbank Payment System (AZIPS) in May 2009 reached USD7.421 billion (exchange rate: AZN0.8035 to the US dollar) versus this year’s record monthly turnover registered in March (USD8.636 billion). As a result AZIPS turnover for Jan-May 2009 made USD33.503 billion versus USD89.167 billion for 2008.

The Central Bank of Azerbaijan informs that for Jan-May 2009 it was conducted 164,000 payments in the total amount of AZN26.920 billion (USD33.7 billion) with average sum of a transaction for AZN164,146 (USD206,000).

In 2008 it was conducted 456,729 transactions for AZN71.423 billion (USD89.6 billion) versus 433,000 for AZN38.73 billion (USD47.3 billion) in 2007. So, the December 2008 quantity of transactions kept its record of 47,000 transactions for AZN10.694 billion (USD13.4 billion).  


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