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Bank of Russia can continue decreasing rates

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According to Alexey Simanovsky, director of Banking Regulation and Supervision Department of the Bank of Russia, the Central Bank will continue decreasing rates in case of the further delay of inflation.
And Alexey Ulyukaev the first deputy of the chairman of the Bank of Russia considers that following the results of 2009 the inflation rate can be below 11.6-12 percent, predicted by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. According to Alexey Ulyukaev: “the accumulated inflation rate for 8 months of 2009 is by 1.5 percent lower than at the same period of 2008, and it is important that the base inflation rate is at its historically low level for the third month, that gives the grounds to make positive forecasts for the rest of the year. I think, that even the adjusted forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development is rather conservative, and under certain circumstances the inflation rate can be even lower.”

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