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Banks of Armenia seek to increase the number and the volume of non-cash operations

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The greatest part of all bank cards, issued on the market of Armenia, are salary cards, which percentage of non-cash operations, made in merchants, is rather insignificant. According to Beniamin Tadevosyan, Head of IT and Automation department of Ameriabank (Yerevan, Armenia), cardholders simply are not motivated to pay by cards for goods and services.

Beniamin Tadevosyan noticed that some banks held special actions and developed bonus programs for cardholders to encourage non-cash transactions. Now banks are basically focused on servicing merchants in Yerevan, but they’ve started working little by little with merchants in other regions of Armenia as well. “Further increasing of the official declared turnover will arouse much more interest among merchants to service non-cash transactions”, – Beniamin Tadevosyan emphasized.


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