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Barclays Bank Offers New Types of Credit Cards

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Barclays Bank expands the line of retail credit products and services developed in accordance with the Barclays Group's standards and starts offering its clients two types of credit cards – with a cash-back function or with a points accumulation system.

Barclays Premier League card is a unique offer for the Russian market aimed at those who are keen on football. The card will be the name card of Russian fans of the English Premier League which has been sponsored by Barclays Group for many years. The cardholder receives bonus points for payments made using the card, bonuses can be exchanged for presents with football symbolic. 

The Cash Bank card is aimed at those who enjoy spending while also keeping in mind their personal benefit. Thus the Bank allows its clients to earn some money – 1% of the amount of each purchase made with the card at a boutique, a supermarket, a restaurant or at a petrol station is returned to the client’s account.

The annual fee for Barclays Premier League MasterCard (offered on the basis of MasterCard Standard) is RUR 1,100. The lending limit is up to RUR 200,000. 5 bonus points are accrued for every 100 roubles. 

The annual fee for Cash Back cards is RUR 900 (for cards on the basis of Visa Classic or MasterCard Standard) or RUR 2,900 (for those based on Visa Gold or MasterCard Gold). The lending limit is up to RUR 600,000.

The grace period is up to 56 days, does not cover cash withdrawal from ATMs. The interest rate on the condition of violating grace period conditions is 30%. The new product is offered to the existing payroll customers and to employees of the Bank’s partner companies in Moscow and Moscow Region.

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