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BGS: Biometric Identification of Smart Card Holders

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BGS has developed an innovative biometric identification method and implemented it in the Sberbank’s Social Card project. During operations at POS terminals, information kiosks and ATMs, this method provides identification of cardholders via their fingerprints presented on an embedded biometric scanner.

The biometric security system allows discarding the conventional card protection by means of a PIN. A fingerprint image received via a biometric scanner is converted to a digital code (template) and is compared with a set of templates loaded on the card during its personalization.

The service may be implemented at new-generation Java cards that are now actively implemented in BGS projects. Such cards possess larger memory capacity, which allows storing up to 10 cardholder’s fingerprint templates on the card, apart from a payment applet and other non-banking applications.

Atthecardholder’swill, aso-called ‘alarmfinger’ canberecordedonthecard. It helps prevent financial loses when the cardholder is illegally forced to withdraw cash from the card, etc.

To guarantee client card servicing, the system still contains a conventional method of identifying cardholders via PINs. Such method can be used in terminals and ATMs without biometric scanners.

The new development allows BGS to perform convenient and fast user identification, with providing high level of protecting from unauthorized card usage. The biometric identification technology can be especially useful in social projects in which it is important to simplify the interface for interaction of social card holders with ATMs, kiosks and payment terminals as well as to provide 100% targeting of cardholder reception of grants, pensions and other benefits.


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