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Biometric Depository was Installed at BTA Bank in Kazakhstan

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On May 28, 2009, the first automatic depository in Kazakhstan with the capacity of 460 cells of various sizes was opened in service location “Stolichnoye” of BTA Bank (Astana, Kazakhstan). Automatic depository made by Sweden Rosengrens provides twenty-four-hour access of a client to his/her cell in the self-service order without the participation of the Bank’s employee.

An access control system RBM (Rosengrens Box Management) provides the deposit cell with the assistance of banking magnetic card and PIN-code insert. As an additional instrument of identification the facility of clientele identifying by biometric figures, in particular, by palm and finger–prints of a right hand is used. Moreover, each cell has a mechanical lock, which the client can open with his/her own key.

BTA Bank

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