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BPC Service Center to support Citibank’s ATM network

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BPC Banking Technologies, a recognized provider of e-payment solutions for the global financial industry, announced that its Service Center has signed a contract with Citibank to provide outsourcing maintenance services and full support for part of the bank’s extensive ATM network in both Moscow and the Moscow Region – from equipment installation and setup to service maintenance, onsite repair and efficient troubleshooting as well as remote support and quality assurance.
Over the past 10 years BPC Service Center has proven itself a reliable partner, offering a whole range of cost-effective end-to-end outsourced solutions for the retail banking industry both in Moscow and in other regions of Russia. The company prides itself on having the most comprehensive facilities necessary for providing high-quality service, maintenance and repair. Among the advantages all the clients can benefit from are low maintenance costs and modern and effective technologies to ensure service excellence.
Full outsourcing is reasonably considered one of the most efficient ways to reduce downtime and achieve high ATM availability. Especially for Citibank, BPC came up with a new incentive programme “Stimulus” enabling the bank to assess the quality of provided services through the coefficient of ATM network availability. This innovative programme was designed with the idea to offer a transparent pricing mechanism, based on calculation of bonuses and penalties over the reporting period, and therefore is particularly effective for extensive ATM networks. The contract with Citibank takes maintenance services to a whole new level since it provides a comprehensive approach to estimating costs of executed works. In the future, the programme “Stimulus” will be widely applied to other BPC service contracts.
“First and foremost, Citibank is renowned for its reliability and high quality services. While choosing a partner to provide maintenance services we considered a number of factors such as experience and qualification of engineers, their ability to quickly respond to any queries as well as efficient technical support solutions. We expect an outsourcing company to meet all the challenges Citibank faces nowadays, and that is one of the reasons why we chose BPC Service Center over many others”, stated Sergey Lartchenko, Vice-President, Citibank.
“Reliable ATM operation is undoubtedly a key criterion for enhancing customer loyalty and stimulating business growth. For more than 10 years BPC Service Center has distinguished itself through its ability to work closely with its clients and seamlessly integrate with their everyday business needs. The customers can benefit from our deep industry knowledge and wealth of experience which helps us achieve zero downtime for ATM network maintenance. We value our clients’ time and do our best to deliver the best possible services”, said Mikhail Sunkin, Head of BPC Service Center.



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