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BS/2 successfully implemented the sales strategy of Halyk Bank

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The Lithuanian company BS/2 successfully completed a two-year project for the development of a new e-channel for sales of Halyk Bank.
Within the framework of this project the strategy for expansion sales and service channels of the leading bank of Kazakhstan, from equipment delivery to its full integration into IT infrastructure of the bank, certification in accordance with EMV standards and functionality expansion according to the tasks of the project, has been implemented. 
“The goal of the project was to install software and hardware into bank‘s IT infrastructure for the development of a new e-channel for service payment via info payment terminals. Four parties participated in the project: Halyk Bank, BS/2, Wincor Nixdorf and OpenWay. The project was complex and long – requirements were changed and various technology issues arouse during the project. But due to co-ordinated work of all project parties the desirable result has been achieved”, says Pavel Drobinov, Head of the BS/2 Project Department.
In the words of the BS/2 representative, software integrated into info terminals enables to pay both by payment cards and in cash for utilities, taxes, communication services, etc.
During the project 600 info-payment terminals of Wincor Nixdorf were delivered to Halyk Bank and integrated into IT infrastructure of the bank into which original software was installed for making payments iQxml developed by BS/2.
“The implemented solution should significantly contribute to optimization of operations of Halyk Bank departments and in turn to attract new customers. As a one-stop-shop service provider, BS/2 will continue to provide service support and spare parts to the bank and to provide consulting and training services”, says Drobinov.


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