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Central Bank of Russia about Profit of 30 Largest Russian Banks

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According to aggregative balance sheet, profit of 30 largest Russian banks totaled RUR949.181 billion (including financial results of the previous year) on April, 1, 2009. Among them profit in 2009 amounted to RUR39.683 billion. Total assets of the group reached RUR21.209 trillion on April, 1, 2009.

Clients’ funds amounted to RUR11.341 trillion, including budgets – RUR13.274 billion, extra-budgetary funds – RUR21.973 billion, individuals’ deposits – RUR4.795 trillion, deposits and other borrowed funds of companies (except banks) – RUR3.886 trillion. Credits, deposits and other borrowed funds, received by the banks from Central Bank of the Russian Federation, totaled RUR2.887 trillion, and credits, deposits and other borrowed funds, received from other banks – RUR2.721 trillion.

Central Bank of the Russian Federation

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