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Central Bank of Russia: Results of 11 Months of 2008

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From 1 113 credit institutions, operating in Russia and presenting accounting to Central bank of the Russian Federation 998 (90%) completed period from January to November, 2008 with an income on a total sum of 399.986 billion roubles, 115 credit institutions (10%) – with losses of 85.955 billion roubles. The assets of the Russian banking system grew from 20.1251 trillion roubles on January, 1, 2008 to 25.9239 trillion roubles on December, 1, 2008. A general loan debt grew from 14.2886 to 19.8094 trillion roubles.

The sum of the securities purchased by banks grew from 2.2506 to 2.2545 trillion roubles. Funds of banks’ clients in whole increased from 12.2523 to 13.9142 trillion roubles. For November, 2008 the assets of credit institutions of Russian Federation were increased on 2.6%, personal funds – on 9.2%, credits and other placed funds to non-financial organizations – on 0.7%. Private deposits in November grew short on 0.2%, credits to the physical persons – on 0.7%, corporate deposits – on 6.9%.

Central Bank of the Russian Federation



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