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Chelindbank starts issuing Visa Platinum and Visa Infinite cards

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Chelindbank (Chelyabinsk) has started issuing Visa Platinum and Visa Infinite cards of premium-class.

The package of services for these Visa cards of Chelindbank includes:

  • Package insurance for travelers;
  • The credit limit which is set in line with customer’s financial responsibility;
  • Discounts and special offers when paying by the card for goods and services worldwide;
  • Service Priority Pass, which is a VIP-service guarantee in all big airport terminals of the world;
  • Emergency Cash Disbursement, if you have lost your card or it’s stolen;
  • Purchase Security program which compensates all money if you have lost your purchases or they are stolen;
  • Medical and legal support services.

Visa Infinite cardholders also can take advantage of personal Concierge service which is accessible 24/7 and worldwide. 


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