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Co-branded Card of Russian Standard Bank and British Airways

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Russian Standard Bank and British Airways announced a launch of joint project on co-branded British Airways American Express Premium cards issue.

Co-branded card holder gets an opportunity to accumulate bonus miles of British Airways by making card payments and also carrying out flights by planes of British Airways and airlines  which are members of oneworld alliance (British Airways, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, FINNAIR, Japan Airlines, LAN, MALEV, QANTAS и Royal Jordanian).Accumulated bonus miles can be exchanged for bonus tickets of British Airways or airlines of oneworld alliance all over the world.

After card activation cardholder gets 5 000 of welcoming bonus miles, and under reaching a certain turnover on a card – second airline ticket as a gift (for fellow traveller). The cardholder automatically becomes a member of British Airways Executive Club program and gets value-added services.

Partnership of AmEx and British Airways began in 2001. To date the joint co-branded programs of partners operate in more than 10 countries of the world.

Russian Standard Bank

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