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Contact with Diasoft

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In May 2009 Diasoft FA# was granted a certificate of the Contact International Payment System. In the course of implementation activities at a customer project on streamlining the Bank IT-infrastructure Diasoft specialists have solved the task of integrating Diasoft FA# and the Contact Payment System.

Seamless on-line communication between the Diasoft FA# and the Contact system enables the bank to perform all operations with transfers and payments in a single system – Diasoft FA#. This is another step towards the Diasoft FA# system interaction with money transfer systems based on the concept of «one stop window» to the information. This solution ensures material decrease of operation costs and facilitates users work.

On May 25 2009 after completion of certification testing Diasoft was granted a document confirming that the Diasoft FA# Modules on Money Transfers where interaction with the Contact Payment System takes place comply with the integration requirements.

This Certificate paves the way for distribution of the integration solution to other Diasoft customers using the Diasoft FA# Module for Money Transfers without opening an account.


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