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Driving licenses in Russia will be with bar codes

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Local divisions of Russian traffic police (GIBDD) will start issuing newdriving licences since March, 1, 2011. The corresponding decree of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, confirmed in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, is published in “Rossiyskaya gazeta”. You can find the full text of this document in the “Legislation, initiatives" section on the information portal www.plusworld.ru.

A new driving license is a multicoloured plastic card of 8,5 x 5,5 cm size. It has a bar-code, where the full information of where, when, why and whom this driving license was issued, will be encrypted. On the back side of the document there will be the pictograms of the signs “А”, “В”, “С”, “D”, “BE”, “CE”, “DE”.

Besides, the new driving license provides for the column, where the beginning and the end of each category validity will be marked.

The new driving licenses will be issued as exchange for the old ones, which period of validity expires.

 Rossiyskaya gazeta

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