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During January – July private deposits in Russian banks increased by 12 percent

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According to the regular report of the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat), during January – July of 2009, deposits and other private borrowed funds in Russian banks increased almost by 12 percent – from 5.907 trillion to 6.614 trillion roubles. By the beginning of August Sberbank of Russia aggregated private deposits on the sum of 3.347 trillion roubles. Its private deposit market share was 50.6 percent.

On August, 1, 2009, private deposits in roubles totaled 4.643 trillion roubles, and in foreign currency (the rouble equivalent) – 1.971 trillion.

On August, 1, private deposit balances in banks totaled 58.8 percent of all private money savings in Russia, which were estimated in 7.869 trillion roubles in total.


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