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East-Siberian bank of Sberbank starts the project “Single social card of Krasnoyarsk region”

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The East-Siberian bank of Sberbank of Russia has brought intermediate results of its joint project “Single social card of Krasnoyarsk region” with Krasnoyarsk region government.
By now, more than 33,000 applications for single social cards have been already accepted, and that is 68 percent of all local inhabitants who has the right to benefits. More than 21,000 inhabitants have got new cards and 85 percent of them have tested this new travel card and have taken more than 600,000 trips on public transportation.
14 percent of holders actively use their cards as bank cards: to get pensions and allowances, to pay for utilities and telecommunication services, and other things in bank self-service terminals, to pay for goods and services in merchants.

Sberbank of Russia

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