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«Electronic Russia»: Only 38 % of Allocations Drawn

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Only 38 % was drawn of the money allocated for the federal target program «Electronic Russia» in 2008. According to the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation, responsible for implementation of the program, contracts have already been concluded for 89 % of the money, and all the allocated funds will be drawn by the end of the fourth quarter of 2008. The Ministry for Economic Development (MED) of the Russian Federation has presented its report to the government of Russia about implementation of the federal target programs (FTP) for the period up to September, 2008. According to the ministry, out of 719.1 billion rubles intended by 2008 budget for financing of FTP, by September only 52.4 % was drawn for all 46 programs. The difference in the data provided by the two ministries is due to the fact that MED prepared its statistics for a smaller interval of 2008. According to Oleg Savelyev, Deputy Minister of MED of the Russian Federation, the parameters of the federal target program «Electronic Russia» will be specified by the joint efforts of MED and Ministry of Communications. The time limits for completion of this work were not specified.

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