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EMV User Meeting

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All EMVCo subscribers are invited to attend the first annual EMV User Meeting, to be held at the Sheraton Munchen Arabellapark Hotel, in Munich, Germany on 30 June - 1 July 2009. The meeting is open to individuals from organisations with a commercial interest in the EMV Specifications. It aims to facilitate dialogue between EMV users/implementers and senior EMVCo representatives on all aspects of implementing and advancing the EMV Specifications for contact, contactless and mobile payment solutions, in national, regional or global markets.

Delegates will learn about EMVCo's current technical activities and strategic vision to enhance and extend the EMV Specifications for contactless and mobile payments. The meeting will be an interactive forum and delegate participation is encouraged and welcomed. EMVCo representatives will be interested to learn of technical issues that have arisen while planning and implementing EMV programs, and to receive delegate feedback and advice on EMVCo’s plans for evolving the EMV Specifications in line with new technologies and new market requirements.


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