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European card Issuing Forum

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A unique networking opportunity for Issuers, Merchants, Schemes, Processors and others involved in card issuing.
During three days, the European Card Issuing Forum aims to start an open discussion and share best practices that are needed in order to decide on future business models. It's the definitive conference for those who want to get the latest thinking on cost cutting, profitability, co-branding, corporate cards, fuel cards and many more.

The European Card Issuing Forum is the first event that brings together all parties that have a say in the card issuing business. The main focus of the event will be on panel discussions and on confronting the perspectives of different parties.

There will be:

  • Shorter presentations (15-20 minutes with a focus on hard facts and practical advice)
  • More time for panel discussions
  • More room for addressing and discussing different perspectives during international panel discussions with Issuers, Merchants, Schemes, Processors and Industry experts.

Key discussion topics and challenges:

  • Understanding retailers: Interchange fees vs. The cost of cash, Banks vs. Merchants – are banks offering a value proposition that merchants need and want?
  • Debit card schemes for Europe and beyond: What is the potential of emerging pan-European schemes for banks and merchants?
  • Business opportunities: Joint Ventures & Alliances, private label conversion to bank cards
  • How to overcome credit aversion and support credit card adoption in credit-averse countries?
  • Focusing on profitability of credit cards, expanding the co-brand portfolio and targeting affluent and under-banked customers
  • Contactless projects, what are the lessons learned?
  • Prepaid cards and their potential for money remittance service
  • What are the most innovative commercial card product offerings to SME's
  • Cards as part of global transaction services for corporate clients

Please visit www.europeancardissuing.com/ or email ecif@empiriagroup.eu for more information.

Alternatively, call +421 376 969 211  to reserve your place.

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