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Experts Predict Growth of E-tickets Market

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In frameworks of united conference “Russian Internet Forum + Conference “Internet and Business” which was held from 22 to 24 of April, 2009, a section “E-Travel: specifics of tourist products’ and tickets’ sales in Russia” took place. Organizers of the section were international processing company ChronoPay and project OZON-Travel.

During the section the participants discussed current situation and perspectives of tourist services market in Runet. Representatives of analytic agencies, IPS, IATA and national air carriers delivered their reports.

All experts agreed that Russian market of e-payments in tourism gradually begins to form and has positive perspectives of development.

In 2009 market of online sales of air and railway tickets via banking cards can grow by 68% and 32% respectively in comparison with 2008, and reach RUR17.7 billion and RUR5 billion.



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