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High qualitative and cost-effective solutions for the mailing of plastic cards

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The triumphal procession of the plastic cards continues furthermore in a rapid speed. Bank cards, identification cards, health cards, telco cards, loyalty cards, etc. are not to be excluded in the today’s world any more. Due to this enormous mass above all banks, but also the other companies, which want to send plastic cards and other similar products as for example paper cards on postal way to their customers or prospective customers must think about more efficient solutions to the sending.

The Muehlbauer CARDMAIL lines rely on proven fully automatic paper mailing solutions and complement this with a module for applying of cards. The results are tailor-made solutions for the most different card applications. Beyond that, even PIN mailing is possible.

By means of the high-speed card applying station, the Muehlbauer CARDMAIL lines are able to envelope a maximum of 3,000 cards inline, i.e. in direct connection with a personalization system, and even up to 6,000 cards off-line on different papers and in the formats C, Z, Р…-fold or also unfolded. Four cards can be applied per page. The orientation of the card plays no role, since the systems can turn the cards around 360В°. Furthermore, up to twelve stations for different supplements can be included into the CARDMAIL lines. Naturally also franking and scale stations can be integrated into the mailing systems. Several ouput stations allow an assortment of the letters, e.g., after postal codes.

The covering letter is printed before application of the card over different selectable printers with address and further freely configurable data. An exact matching of the letter with the personal data on the card is possible due to the opportunity to read out the chip, the magnetic stripe and the barcode as well as optical information with a vision system.

The absolute highlight of the Muehlbauer lines CARDMAIL 2000 and CARDMAIL 3000 is that they, in spite of physical connection of mailing system and personalization system, can work completely independently. That means that if necessary both systems can work with completely different jobs, without having to separate the systems. Thus production capacities can be scheduled much more easily and above all more flexibly. Without applying cards, the throughput of Muehlbauer CARDMAIL lines is up to 15,000 envelopes in the formats DIN long and C5 and up to 10,000 envelopes in the format C4. Also the use of endless paper is possible.

The Muehlbauer CARDMAIL lines work with the highly proven software solution Muehlbauer MCES, an in-house developed system from Muehlbauer, which assigns the data to be personalized automatically to the processing modules. Statistical evaluations are also possible. Badly personalized cards are already sorted out at the beginning and are again produced, so that it is guaranteed that only good cards are dispatched. This saves you pointless postage expenses and your customer appropriate annoyance with defective cards for you.

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