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Home Credit Bank and Russian Standard Bank have started getting fees for mail notifications of state of the account

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From October, 2009, Russian Standard Bank cancels post mailing statements of accounts to its clients free of charge. Now borrowers can get the information about crediting and debiting their accounts, penalty charging only on a paying basis. According to the call-center the payment will be 15 roubles per month. But clients can get their statements of accounts by e-mail free of charge.
Since June, 16, 2009, Home Credit Bank has started getting fees for bank notices on credit cards, and it also equals 15 roubles per month.
The economy on post mailing of notices will enable banks to cut down their operational expenses essentially. On the assumption of active client base, Home Credit Bank will save on the postage up to 30 million roubles per month, and Russian Standard Bank – about 100 million roubles per month.


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