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IBA-MOSCOW Launched Internet Banking

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The International Bank of Azerbaijan – Moscow (IBA-MOSCOW) introduced a new service “Internet-Service” on March, 31, 2009.

The Bank’s customers can use this service from any point of the world via Internet access. Connection to the service does not require preliminary installation of additional software.

“Internet-service” allows the IBA-MOSCOW’s clients to:

  • get information about balance and changes on their accounts opened in IBA-MOSCOW;
  • receive information about balance of their IBA-MOSCOW banking cards and transactions on them;
  • get information from IBA-MOSCOW on changes and additions of the service and exchange letters with the Bank.

In the future IBA-MOSCOW plans to add to the service such new functions as:

  • payments for mobile communications, public utilities and other services;
  • sending of payment or other orders to the Bank, control of their fulfillments process.



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