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In Russia soon debts can be collected unjudicially

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As Sergey Sazanov, Deputy director of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia (FBS), said, that in Russia it is necessary to allow tax debt collecting out of court. It should be mentioned, that earlier this bill has been brought in the State Duma by the Supreme Court of Russia, but at the beginning of October, 2009 it has been withdrawn.

Sergey Sazonov noted, that an execution of one court order needs about 3,000 roubles. At the same time approximately 33% of court orders in FBS are to be collected on the sum of no more than 500 roubles of each. According to Sergey Sazonov, it would be better to allow tax debt collecting out of court, leaving for a debtor the right to appeal against it in the court.


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