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INPAS and BPC Created the First Acquiring Network in Turkmenistan

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At the beginning of January, 2009 INPAS Company and BPC Group successfully finished the joint project in the Central Bank of Turkmenia. From INPAS side the project resulted in effective installation of terminal equipment VeriFone Vx 510/610 and a new card product – iPAY, the applet for Java cards, working within EMV standards.

"If at the beginning of 2008 our company wasn’t even present in this country, today INPAS successfully participates in the local project of a national Turkmenia card introduction together with BPC, - the director for regional development of INPAS Company Sergey Kalmykov comments. - By this time within the project we have already carried out first deliveries of FFT POS-terminal equipment by VeriFone and applicable software, and also smart cards with special unique multi-wallet applet developed by experts of INPAS. The applet named iPAY allows maintaining not only wallet payment applications, but also a variety of non banking applications, for example, transport and petrol wallet, loyalty applet etc.".

For full-function support of acquiring network and operations processing on plastic cards by AltynAsyr, the local payment system, the Central bank of TurkmenistanRepublic chose software of BPC Group, SmartVista processing platform. The platform meets all requirements of national payment system. It provides on-line processing and routs large volumes of transactions between its participants, and also performs of settlement and clearing transactions according to international safety and security standards. Flexible architecture of SmartVista solution allows to provide authorisation and personification of plastic cards in the specification of multi-wallet applet iPAY.

"The project in the Central bank of TurkmenistanRepublic became one of the largest in the territory of CIS countries. Solution produced by BPC, meeting current requirements of construction in processing infrastructures of state scale, forms a multipurpose technological platform for electronic payments processing and servicing of local microprocessor cards. Worth underling that it’s yet another successful joint project by INPAS Company and BPC Group. We strongly believe that our cooperation will grow and develop", - has underlined the assistant to the general director, BPC, Sergey Lukjanov.


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