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INPAS and Golden Crown have Completed Integration of Video-Monitoring System “Smotritel” for ATMs

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Video-monitoring and security system for ATM stations “Smotritel” (“VideoObserver”) by INPAS Company has been successfully integrated with “СFT – ATM” software for self service equipment, used by banks, participants of Russian local payment system Golden Crown.

Golden Crown and INPAS have also agreed to run joint pilot projects on introduction and installation of video-monitoring system “Smotritel” in banks – participants of this payment system, where INPAS will give maximum attention and advice on maintenance and tuning software. Currently 160 banks are connected to Russian payment system Golden Crown.

Integration of the solution allows carrying out the search of video information on ATMs events (for example, cash-out or card-in events, etc.). The Net version of “Smotritel” system allows carrying out the search also in video archive remotely, without actual physical access to the cash dispense mode. Due to this useful option banks reduce costs on travel, analysis and decision-making spent on disputable situations.


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