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INPAS Announces a Sale of WN ATM and ITT with 50% Discount

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In the market sector of bank equipment is already well-known that INPAS "has grown out" from a simple company-distributor which delivered only monovendor equipment and software. On May, 14, 2009, the company's strategy is based on development as a payment and IT-integrator and such ideology corresponds with main requirements of large INPAS' customers.

For the last half year from the moment of cancellation of distributor's agreement with Wincor Nixdorf, INPAS has completely carried out all of it's obligations to customers, and provided equipment deliveries within previously concluded contracts. “And today, clearing out warehouse stocks of Wincor Nixdorf equipment, we announce a sale of information-payment terminals (infokiosks) and ATMs. Within the frame of this marketing action we offer equipment with upto 50% discount!” informed Michael Rogov, Deputy director of sales department.

INPAS offers for sale Information Transaction Terminals (ITT) ProInfo 1000 (including cash-in terminals) and ProPrint 2000. They have perfect reputation and are under steady demand from banks which care about infokiosks network development. All equipment is sold with one-year guarantee.

The company believes that in present uneasy economic situation this offer will be relevant and popular with banks, it helps to obtain high-quality equipment at lowest cost and really allows to reduce their purchase expenses.


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