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INPAS: iPAY application - Bank technologies in non bank projects

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Nowadays, more often well tested, adjusted, time and work-proved banking technologies are used by non bank organizations.

INPAS Company, the largest supplier of technological solutions for acquiring networks and bank payment systems, has developed software applet iPAY. Application iPAY for Java cards works within EMV standards and is perfectly suited for different projects where local payment software application is required.

The sphere of application for plastic cards in Russia and the neighbouring countries actively extends and is not limited to the traditional markets of bank payments. The tasks on automation of business processes, for example, registration of custom charges, start up of local payment systems in petrol and social projects, extension of applications list on the card become more popular.

In order to solve these kind of tasks INPAS Company suggests to use Java-application iPAY, the suggestion is based on experience and technologies successfully practiced at banking sector.

The iPAY application, produced in accordance with EMV standards provides secure transactions both in in-line and off-line mode, and each transaction is countersigned which allows to protect bank operations from fraud.

The iPAY product made by INPAS works on any Global Platform-compatible Java cards. It gives iPAY the advantage to be not the only one application on a card, expanding, for example, the standard payment application, and also gives the opportunity to be downloaded remotely on a card through self-service equipment with assistance or INPAS Application Master system (remote change of card functionality). The product iPAY is the original software of INPAS Company, made using approaches stated in EMV standards, does not require certification in International Payment Systems.


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