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INPAS Reports 2008 Year Results of Activities in Hungary: 50% Market Share in EFT POS-terminal Equipment

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“According to 2008 year results INPAS Company's market share in EFT POS-terminal equipment in Hungary mounted to 50%, and we are not going to stop at achieved results”, - reports Igor Stukanov, Director of business development of INPAS Company.

The first international project of INPAS in Hungary originally was based on close relationship with official company's vendor VeriFone, which has very strong market positions in Europe, and the last year allowed INPAS to demonstrate substantial results. By mapping it's sales experience gained in Russia to Hungarian market, the company managed to take firm positions in sales volume of EFT POS-terminal equipment.

Such noticeable success was associated with several steps that company took. For example, it arranged a local store house in Budapest which allows INPAS to deliver equipment within 2-3 days, a new service centre also started it's work. In the las year the company started to offer outsourcing services on installation of equipment locally.

As known, INPAS traditionally bases integrated projects on it's own innovative software. At the same time INPAS owns the largest research and advanced development centre in Europe. “In 2008 we started to deliver services of customisation of software products we have in our business portfolio, for Hungarian clients, and also products of our vendors and partners. Herewith we managed to reach in a new for INPAS market the full support from VeriFone and local partner-companies”, - Igor Stukanov comments. 


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