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Instant payment systems regulation can be postponed

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Coming into force of the requirement of the law on obligatory cash register installation into payment terminals is suggested to postpone for one more year.

Yesterday, Raisa Karmazina has submitted for consideration in the State Duma the bill providing a delay of the requirement of cash register installation into payment terminals within the terms of the law «On accepting payments of individuals by payment agents” (103-Federal Law) till October, 1, 2011.

It’s caused by technical grounds. So, payment terminals have not equipped yet with cash registers, the list of which Minpromtorg defines. And, the Authority has put in the list some models of cash register applicable for payment terminals only on September, 17. “To equip all terminals we need at least 7 months, and we have started to do it in June, 2009, but now we should restart this process, as Minpromtorg has confirmed the models different from those that market players bought, “ – Boris Kim, Chairman of the Committee on Payment Systems and Banking Instruments of NAUET (National Association of Electronic Commerce Members), thinks.


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