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Isaev: Only an Insignificant Part of the Money Provided to Support the Banks Reaches Consumers

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According to Andrey Isaev, Head of the Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on Labor and Social Policy, United Russia criticizes measures of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation aimed to overcome the consequences of the world financial crisis, however it is not going to demand resignation of Alexey Kudrin, Minister of Finance, leaving the personnel questions its leader, Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

United Russians negatively evaluate the activity of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, they consider the measures taken to support the banking sector necessary, but the Ministry of Finance tends to stiffen. Now it is necessary to proceed to the second stage of implementation of the anti-recessionary program and support the consumers.

Mr. Isaev explained: the party believes that it is inadmissible that banks make profit of the crisis, filling up their stocks with the state money. In his opinion, out of 5 billion rubles allocated for support of the banks only 80 million reached the concrete consumers.

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