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Kazakhstan sets up Internet police

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According to the project of the government Decree prepared by the Agency on Informatization and Communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan (AIC RК), in the near future, the Computer Incident Response Service will be set up at the republic government organization “Center of Technical Support and Analysis for Telecommunications Industry”.
The Service will be responsible for:
• Coordination of activities of computer safety departments in state structures, telecommunication companies as well as other subjects of the national information infrastructure concerning to prevention of computer and IT technology crimes;
• Gathering, analysis and ordering in appropriate information databases on modern computer security threats received from users, hardware and software manufacturers, and foreign structures of similar activities;
• Technical monitoring and exploring for mechanisms and resources in the Web, which breaks laws regulating activities of Kazakhstan Internet players;
• Recommendations developing for national Internet users on individual, society and state information protection;
• Online message receipting and urgent assistance providing to suppress any attempts of illegal penetration into computer systems, due noticing national users about emergent computer security threats.




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