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Membership Rewards loyalty program celebrates its first anniversary in Russia

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Membership Rewards loyalty program celebrates its first year operating in Russia. For each purchase AmEx cardholders are encouraged with points which further can be turned into goods and services of partners. For each 30 roubles spent with a card in Russia or abroad, its holder is charged with 1 point of bonus.

Among gifts for clients  you can find a wide range of goods and services, from electronics and popular magazines and papers subscription to a travel to Paris.

“We have done a lot from the start of Membership Rewards program in Russia in the summer of 2008. Today we can safely say that our clients have taken notice to the program. Quiet a number of well-off bank customers within less than a year of their participation in the loyalty program have accumulated over 0.5 million bonus points”, Russian Standard Bank Membership Rewards program director Alla Yakimush says.

Membership Rewards operates in 56 countries all over the world and already more than 17 years. The number of goods and services, that you can get as a bonus, has exceeded a thousand. A minimum cost of bonus in Russia totals 196 bonus points, which corresponds to the sum of purchase on 5,880 roubles. 


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