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Merchants in Ukraine have obliged to have POS-terminals

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The Ministry of Economy of Ukraine has prepared the draft of the Decree of the Cabinet of Ukraine “Issues of merchants’ transfer on using special payment devices for making transactions for the sold goods (or rendered services)”.

According to this document, all stores with a sales area not less than 20 sq. m, drugstores, hotels, travel and insurance agencies, post offices, ticket offices and other merchants, located in Kiev, Sevastopol, Simferopol and in all other centers of  regions of Ukraine, should get established POS-terminals till January 1, 2011, in other settlements – till January 1, 2012.

Besides, all supermarkets, hypermarkets, wholesale centers, car repairing, servicing and renting firms throughout the country should implement a non-cash payment system till January, 1, 2011, and restaurants, gas stations as well as car, household consumer and business electronics, furniture, jewelry, perfumery and cosmetics, goods of natural fur and leather sales firms, irrespective of the sales area, – till January 1, 2012.

The number of inside POS-terminals is offered to be established not less than 50% of the number of cash registers.

According to NBU, resulted in the document, by January 1, 2009, in Ukraine there were 38.6 million cardholders, however the volume of card payment transactions to this date was 4.6% of all operations with use of cards.


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