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More than 80% Retired Persons in Azerbaijan Get Pension via Cards

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The State Social Protection Fund of Azerbaijan (SSPF) is ongoing the process of computerization of pension payments system. SSPF chairperson Salim Muslimov says that according to data by early 2009, the country numbered more than 1.275 million retired persons.

“Of them 662,519 pensioners receive pensions through the International Bank of Azerbaijan (IBA), 409,914 ones through Kapital Bank and 202,905 ones through post offices,” he said. Simultaneously 1,056,157 people are holders of plastic card.

“The level of computerization of pension payment in Azerbaijan is 82.8%. At the same time 99.8% of pensioners served by the IBA and 96.3% by Kapital Bank received pensions through cards,” the Fund’s chairperson said.


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