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NAFI: Ratings of Russian Banks’ Publicity and Awareness

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The National Agency for Financial Studies (NAFI) announced ratings of Russian banks’ publicity (spontaneous awareness) and awareness (prompted awareness).

According to the results of research, the share of Russians knowing any banks increased since October, 2008. The leaders of awareness growth became Alfa-Bank and Binbank: 42% respondents recognized the name of Alfa-Bank in October, 2008, and 59% – in April, 2009, Binbank’s awareness increased from 10% in October, 2008, to 25% in April, 2009.

Sberbank of Russia is still the first in banks’ awareness rating – the number of Russians knowing this bank didn’t change within 7 months (98% respondents). Russian Standard Bank (64%) and VTB24 (63%) took the second and the third places in the rating respectively.

The full version of the research is available at web site NAFI.


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