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NAUET: Instant Payments Market in Russia. Results and Perspectives

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National Association of Electronic Commerce Members (NAUET) announced research of Russian instant payments market’s results of 2008 and forecast for 2009.

The total turnover of Russian instant payments market amounted to RUR536 billion, the number of payments – about 5.2 billion, and the number of instant payments acceptance points in Russia totaled about 350,000 in 2008. The main members of instant payments market are QIWI, e-port, Cyberplat, Euroset and Elecsnet.

NAUET predicts that instant payments market’s turnover will reach RUR632 billion, total number of payments will grow to 5.3 billion, the number of payment acceptance points will increase to 400,000 and the sum of average payment will grow from current RUR102 to RUR120 in 2009.



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