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NBU: expenses of Ukrainian banks have exceeded its incomes by 15.4 billion grivnas

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According to the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), for the period of January-August, 2009, the aggregate income of all Ukrainian banks has totaled 95.7 billion grivnas ($18 billion), thus within August it was 11.5 billion grivnas ($2.2 billion). Their expenses for the 8 months of 2009 have totaled 111.1 billion grivnas ($21 billion), and within August – 13.9 billion grivnas ($2.6 billion). In the structure of expenses 41.6 billion grivnas ($7.9 billion) are allocated to reserve, it takes 37.4 percent of all expenses.
As of September, 1, 2009, the equity capital of banks has totaled 123.9 billion grivnas ($23 billion), or 14.1 percent of banking passives. In its structure the share of the registered authorized equity capital was 84.1 percent. As of the beginning of September, banks’ liabilities have totaled 757.3 billion grivnas ($145.5 billion), increased in July by 13.5 billion grivnas ($2.5 billion).
In the structure of liabilities the finances of individuals have totaled 201.9 billion grivnas ($38.8 billion), or 26.7 percent of it, the finances of economic agents – 115 billion grivnas ($22 billion, 15.2 percent).
According to NBU, as of the beginning of September, in the structure of the finances of individuals fixed deposits have totaled 152.4 billion grivnas ($29 billion, 75.5 percent of it), call deposits – 49.5 billion grivnas ($9.5 billion).


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