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New Diasoft Products Implemented in Chuvashcreditprombank

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Diasoft and Chuvashcreditprombank announced successful completion of a large-scale project targeted to implement a package of innovative Diasoft FA# products.

Before ChuvashcreditprombankandDiasoft initiated partnership the bank had used an in-house computer system for support of its business operations. In 2003 as the result of the technical infrastructure upgrade the Bank migrated on the Diasoft WorkFlow solutions, and two years later adopted 5NT technologies designated for automation of operations with securities.  

In 2007 in line with rapidly growing business demands the Bank began preparatory work for migration on the Diasoft FA# – a new generation of the Diasoft software products. The Bank decision-making on the automation tools was to a large extent determined by the Bank orientation on a single software products provider with a comprehensive set of functionality realized in the Diasoft solutions.

The Project on new software products implementation for support of the corporate and retail business and the Bank operations on financial markets were completed in the first quarter of 2009. With the help of the Diasoft FA# comprehensive solutions the Bank automated all the settlements operations and interaction with the settlements center, transactions with regard to interbank, commercial and consumer lending, legal entities and natural persons deposits, and accounting of the clients foreign exchange operations.  

Simultaneous implementation of several Diasoft FA# financial applications was  a sophisticated  large-scale project – in the course of the project it was necessary to perform  correct capture of all the data from the modules automating different areas of the Bank operations.  Due to the synergy and well-organized teamwork of the Diasoft Cheboksary branch project team and the Bank personnel all the scheduled activities were successfully performed.    

According to the Project stakeholders the Diasoft system previously operated in the bank adequately performed targeted business tasks. However, new state-of-the-art tools significantly increase the transaction processing rate, and automate many operations previously handled manually. Thus they also ensure better standards of the Bank customer service.   Additionally, leading-edge technologies implemented in the Bank can help to improve business stability in the current volatile market conditions and to ensure stable growth and development in the long-term prospective.  


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