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New Integration Solution – SmartVista e-port

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BPC, provider of e-payment and retail banking solutions, and e-port Group jointly announced the launch of a new integration solution, SmartVista e-port. The new gateway will provide SmartVista customers with a convenient tool for bill payment service implementation, which will allow the cardholders to pay utility, telecom, insurance and other regular bills issued by the members of the e-port payment system. E-port Group is an electronic payment system providing bill payment processing in Russia. Among its current partners there are about 650 service providers.

Thenew SmartVista e-port gatewaylets the bank immediately start accepting payments for the most popular services without a need to sign separate contracts with each vendor or to arrange integration with the payment system. Thebank’scustomerswill now be able to pay billsfrom the e-port membersinbankbranches, viaATMsandInternetbankingsystems. All the payments are processed in the online mode which ensures that the money is transferred within a few seconds.  


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