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Overdue Credit Debt of Russians Slowed Its Growth Down

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According to the leading banks of Russian retail crediting market, on February, 2009, growth of overdue credit debt of individual borrowers slowed down at the first time since the beginning of financial crisis.

VTB24’s overdue credit debt of individuals increased by 9.8% to RUR4.1 billion on February, 2009, compared with its growth by 24% on January, 2009.

Overdue credit debt of Alfa-Bank’s individual borrowers grew by 3.8% to RUR8.4 billion on February, and by 6.6% on January, 2009.

Overdue debt of Rosbank increased by 4% to RUR8.5 billion on February, 2009, compared with 6.1% on January. Absolut Bank’s overdue credit debt grew by 6.5% (to RUR479 million) on February, 2009 and by 22.5% respectively. Overdue debt’s growth of Bank Vozrozhdenie amounted to 9.8% on February, 2009, and 12.6% on January.

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