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Pochta Bank. Constituent Documents Signed

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January 28, Russian Post and VTB24 signed documents to establish a new credit organization – Pochta Bank, to be headed by Dmitry Rudenko.

The new bank will be established on the basis of Russian Post and, Leto Bank, a VTB subsidiary, as it was officially announced on September 7, 2015. 

Among the participants of a press-conference dedicated to the event were Dmitry Strashnov, Russian Post Director General, and Mikhail Zadornov, President-Chairman of the Board, VTB24. Acting through its 100% subsidiary, Russian Post has acquired 50% minus one voting share of the would-be Poshta Bank for 5.5 bln rubles.

The transaction was approved by the Central Bank of Russia, the Federal Antimonopoly Service and the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media.

The new credit and financial organization will be headed by Dmitry Rudenko. The Supervisory Board will include representatives of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, Russian Post and VTB Group. The Bard will be headed by Nikolay Nikiforov.
According to Dmitry Strashnov, Russian Post clients will be offered an absolutely competitive banking service, especially in the regions. The project will give a momentum to the Russian Post modernization and provide additional funds for that. “The setting up of Pochta Bank means a possibility to improve the availability of financial services for all residents of the country, invlolve funds in hands into the economy, and to enhance competition in the financial services market.”

Mikhail Zadornov, President-Chairman of the Board, VTB24 said: “Pochta Bank will facilitate transformation of services into an up-to-date bank format. VTB Group will be able to considerably expand its client base and to multiply the number of POS, while Russian Post will be able to raise additional funds for the modernization and development of its infrastructure.” He noted that basic products to be offered by the bank would include deposit accounts, loans, and debit and credit cards, as well as state-of-the-art payment services.
Pochta Bank will start its operations as soon as QI, 2016. Leto Bank clients will be the first clients of Pochta Bank. 

Within three years from the project start it is planned to open over 20 ths. cash desks in 15 ths. post offices. At least 6.5 ths. cash desks will be opened in 3.5 ths. post offices in 2016.

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